50V / 40A / 1500W - RACK 50-40 XR with LXI Programmable DC Power Supply with Ethernet, USB and Analog Control — IN STOCK

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RACK 50-40 XR

U.S.A.-built RACK XR Series offer output power to 1500 Watts with extended range. RACK XR Series are high-density 1U rack-mount design which measures just 1.73 in. (44 mm) High x 19.0 in. (483 mm) Wide x 15.5 in. (394 mm) Deep and Weighs only 12.8 lbs. (5.8 Kg). The five (5) models of the U.S.A.-built RACK XR Series offer output power to 1500 Watts, DC output current from 5 amps to 70 amps and DC output voltage from 30V to 400V. The LXI connectivity is included with all RACK XR Series power supplies at no additional cost.

RACK XR Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies have received Certification as LXI conformant. LXI is an instrument connectivity standard that allows engineers to access their instruments remotely via a built-in Ethernet interface.

Full Digital Control – the Fastest and Most Accurate Available. SCPI Compliant USB with LabVIEW Driver and Analog Control Ports. Digital Encoders for Excellent Reliability and Accuracy. Wireless Digital Remote Sense. Built-In Voltage and Current Measurement. Full OCP (Over-Current Protection) and OVP (Over-Voltage Protection) Protection. Series and Parallel Operation. The built-in OLED (organic light-emitting diode) front panel simultaneously shows both voltage and current readings, along with ease of setup and complete power supply status information.

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